noontime musings of a restless traveller

amid the ringing of phones the blazing deadlines the weekends that pass always lacking the quickness of time has hit me and suddenly a fear a sadness at how unrelenting how unforgiving the train of time passes and i, a traveller, alone no more at my finding you, wish for it to heed me; wish […]

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The Ride of My Life

I was sitting in the back seat of CP’s van, riding in the crowded streets of Mandaluyong. We’re with our officemates YG and OG. OG is in the frontseat together with CP. Im sitting next to YG, my seat reclined. I was resting, while looking outside the window watching. The van’s sunroof is open, and […]

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isa ako sa mga batang nangarap nung maliit pa. pinagpalang makapagsayaw sa saliw ng “saranggola ni pepe”, makapag-aral, makapagtapos, at mabuhay ng maayos. at balang araw matupad ang mga munting pangarap sa buhay.

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